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Active Cells Chlorella (Tablets), 100g, Germany Zoom

Active Cells Chlorella (Tablets), 100g, Germany

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Chlorella Tablets 334 tablets, Made in Germany, Ultra Pure and Safe, 100g, 1 month

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Product Description


Chlorella Tablets 334tablets, Made in Germany, Ultra Pure, Safe, 100g, 1 month

 Only a Chlorella with highest quality guarantees that it can be used safely and that it brings all the claimed physiological benefits.

Chlorella brings a balanced-composition of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, plant-based polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants). Chlorella is a plant with the highest amount of chlorophyll.

Chlorella naturally eliminates heavy metals (e.g. mercury, lead, cadmium ) and binds harmful organic toxins (e.g. pesticides, dioxins, PCB's) from the organism. It is scientifically proven that Chlorella stimulates the immune system, improves carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, provides intestinal health, acts as an alkalising agent, supports weight loss, has anti-inflammatory effects and improves skin conditions.

Active Cells Chlorella vulgaris naturally grows in a closed glass-tubes system which guarantees zero contaminants and an optimal photosynthesis. Cell walls are preserved to ensure that all nutrients are preserved in a very natural way. Cell walls don't have to be broken up for digestibility. The drying technique and botanical source truly are responsible for a great digestibility.

A cure of 2/3 months to excrete harmful substances from the blood and adipose tissues is recommended with 3g on a daily basis for an adult.

Why is Active Cells Chlorella, Spirulina unique?
The cultivation water is pristine artesian spring source of water.
Advanced biotechnology photobioreactor: multi-awarded 2018.
Total protection from all contaminations.
All nutrients preserved from oxidation.
Comprehensive and demanding quality controls.
A know-how that can't be imitated.


Exclusively cultivated in Germany. Unrivalled knowledge and know-how.

Certified Halal by RACS-ME a worldwide conformity assessment body in Dubai.

No capsules. No additives. Easy to swallow. Great digestibility. 


General dosing scheme
Adult: before breakfast  5 Tablets and before dinner 5 Tablets,

Child 40kgs: 2 x 3 tablets 
30 mns away from coffee to increase the absorption of vitamins. 


Additional Information

Additional Information

Unit 100g
Brand Active Cells


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