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LIZ Dubai

The perfect combination of exceptional, award-winning design, function and pleasure

  • Exclusively available for fine dining establishments, luxury hotels and Earlybird customers
  • Balanced mineralization and low sodium is perfect for discerning diners
  • Developed in collaboration with the 3 star Michelin Chef, Juan Amador to perfectly match fine food and grape
  • In Germany, Liz can only be found in Michelin star rated restaurants due to its caliber
  • Available in Still or Sparkling and each case comes with a bespoke pourer

How Does it Work?  

how it works

  • Using a refundable deposit system, similar to the ones offered by brands delivering the 5 gallon bottles, Early Bird will deliver selected water to consumers in sustainable safe-storage crates, each with a reuse lifespan of over a 100. Once the empties have been collected, Early Bird returns to remove the crates and the bottles are returned to the factory– thereby incurring ZERO waste.

Is it More Environmentally Friendly?

  • Much more. Nearly 80% of plastic bottles are never recycled and they can take hundreds of years to completely breakdown, in the meantime polluting our oceans and killing animals. The UAE has one of the highest rates of bottled water consumption in the world, with each resident drinking an average of 250 litres of bottled water a year. Early Bird’s water is returned to the factory in Germany where it will be reused and therefore incur no waste at all.  Safely reusing bottles is significantly more environmentally friendly than recycling or manufacturing virgin bottles from raw materials. Also, since the UAE is a primarily import country, most shipping containers leaving our shores are empty, so by using these containers to return the bottles, there is no additional carbon footprint at all. Even the transport is environmentally efficient as loading and unloading will be done at the same time.

But is Reusing Bottles Safe?

  • For several reasons. Each of the waters available at Early Bird are produced by the biggest bottler of branded mineral water in Germany – Hassia Mineralquellen GmbH & Co KG, who have a 70 year track record of safe, high-quality production of reusable bottles. Firstly, the factory only uses the highest quality glass to begin with. Traditionally, exported water is produced using cheaper glass, but the glass for these waters is 50% heavier due to the added quality in its production. Each glass bottle can be reused up to 50 times (each to the highest standard), and each glass bottle reused prevents the purchase and consumption of more than 240 plastic bottles each year.  Before each reuse, every single bottle is scientifically checked for residues or misuse (with any damaged ones being removed) and then cleaned to the highest standards before being refilled by the highest quality mineral water. The factory and its process currently maintain a IFS6 at higher level with the IFS, the international body that audits food manufacturers, which is the highest possible rating. So you can enjoy delicious, safe water whilst knowing that you are benefiting the planet in a positive way.