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Customer Service

  • Shipping & Delivery

    Early Bird delivers with its own logistics all over Dubai without having any minimum order. We provide three different delivery options to serve all needs.

    For Dubai

    All areas of Dubai will be served once a week without any additional fees. The time frame for our regular tours is between 9:00 am and 9:00pm. To see the day for our regular delivery to your area please refer to our Area Service Schedule. All orders for our regular tours have to be places until the day before midnight. It is at the sole discretion of Early Bird to accept regular orders for the current day and/or for delivering outside the time frame for our regular tours.. Please coordinate by phone with our call center Toll Free 800-32759 (early) from 7:30am to midnight.
    For regular orders we cannot guarantee a specific time when the delivery is going to happen as this depends on the route driven and the number of orders to be processed.

    Your  can choose any day and time for your delivery. The order should be placed minimum 8h in advance and the delivery time should be between 8:00 am and midnight.
    We do our best to deliver exactly at the time given by you. Please allow a grace period of 45 min for events beyond our control i.e. traffic jams. This service is subject to a small service fee which is advertised on our main page and might change from time to time without prior notice. Should we deliver later than mentioned in the timeframe above please ask our driver to refund the service fee charged before he is producing the invoice.

    With our priority service you will receive your goods within 1h after the order is placed.
    Priority orders can be placed between 7:30am and midnight. Please allow a grace period of 15min for events beyond our control. This service is subject to a small service fee which is advertised on our main page and might change from time to time without prior notice. Should we deliver later than mentioned in the timeframe above please ask our driver to refund the service fee charged before he is producing the invoice.

    Our money saver! You order online and select when you want to pick up your order from our place. Before you arrive we will have everything ready for you and load it into your car. We provide discounts up to 20% on your products. The discount is subject to cash payment only. You find our location map here: 

    Other Emirates

    Orders to other Emirates will be considered if the minimum amount of the order is above 2.000 AED. To reach the minimum amount we accept also if i.e. your friends or neighbors order for the same delivery day and the amount of all orders is above the order amount set.

    Deliveries to other Emirates are processed with our delivery option: Convenience

    Other Countries

    Deliveries to other countries will be executed by our logistics partners and are subject to their terms and conditions.

    Reseller Whole Seller

    For Reseller and Whole seller the shipment and delivery terms are based on the international INCO Term standards and will be individually agreed on.


    Privacy & Security

    Our Privacy&Security policy is described in a separate chapter. Please refer from our main page to the section: Privacy Policy


    Returns & Replacements

    All goods delivered by Early Bird are in good condition.
    The customer is obliged to check the goods at the time of delivery. Should there be any complaint about the product or its quality the customer has the right to get it replaced by the driver or to return the product and get the purchase price refunded in full by cash or store credit. Early Bird accepts no legal liability for whatsoever reason if the products were accepted by the customer on delivery.

    Howsoever Early Bird considers complaints out of good will in some cases which will be handled individually i.e. a sparkling water delivered turns out to be flat when the bottle gets opened. Complaints like that will be forwarded to the quality control of the manufacturer or its distributor. The remaining bottles will be replaced or taken back by Early Bird and the purchase price will be refunded as store credit or cash. For all complaints the purchase of the products should not be longer ago than 10 days. In any case only unopened / unused articles can be taken back. Fresh Products with a short shelf life and the necessity of special handling like Fresh Milk, Yoghurt, Butter, Cheese etc. are excluded from returns if they are not claimed directly at delivery. Products which were especially sourced regarding your order i.e. Fresh Bread / Breadrolls etc. are excluded from return and change of mind. This products have to be accepted and paid as ordered. If you feel that a product is not meeting your expectations please send an e-mail to: order@earlybird with  the subject line: "Complaint Delivered Product" and write your concerns to us. We will get in touch with you to get it sorted out.

    Party Pack

    As it is sometimes hard to calculate what exactly is needed for a party Early Bird introduced a unique product called Party Pack.

    You order the variety of products you think you might need to have for your party. The full order value has to be paid on delivery. Within 2 days after your party you inform us to return the not needed products and we refund the purchase price.

    For our party pack we guarantee the return and refund of the full purchase price for unopened/unused products and being in re-sellable condition. The total return should not exceed 40% of the initial order value. The customer has to inform Early Bird to return the goods ordered as Party Pack within 2 days after delivery. Products with a short shelf life and/or where special care for the products is necessary like Fresh Milk, Yoghurt, Butter etc. are excluded from returns.
    The Party Pack can only be ordered for deliveries within Dubai.

    100% Money Back Guarantee
    For some of our own products i.e. Toilet Paper WEPA, Kitchen Roll WEPA we provide you with a 100% Money Back Guarantee if the product is not meeting your expectations.
    Please note that the refund is only possible if only 1 roll of the Toilet Paper or half a roll of the Kitchen Rolls is used and the rest gets returned to us. The return has to happen
    within 14 days after purchase and will be done on our regular tour in the area.  


    Our customers can order using our online shop 24/7 or by contacting our call center 365 days a year from 7:30a.m. to 11p.m. Toll Free: 800 32759 (early) or +971 4 338 70 90
    To make sure that you get your goods ordered in time please do not order by e-mail as our e-mail addressed are not monitored for orders,


    Product Availability

    Even if we try hard to avoid any out of stock position sometimes it can happen as we depend on the manufacturers and distributors. In case one article is out of stock we offer our customers a product of similar quality as substitution. The customer can accept or reject the product substitution at his convenience. Due to high demand it is possible that an article shown in our online shop as available is sold out at the time we receive your order.

    Payment, Pricing & Promotions

    All products stay in the property of Early Bird until they are paid in full. Our terms are cash or credit card on delivery. It is at the sole discretion of Early Bird to accept other payment methods like cheques or bank transfers. If cheques are accepted and get returned a administration fee of 50 AED per cheque is applicable.

    All prices published are in United Arab Emirates Dirham AED. We take special care maintaining the prices in our web shop but we cannot exclude mistakes. The price applicable is always the price built in our main system. Should the online shop display a lower price than the one in our main system the customer can refuse to buy the article at the higher rate. Should the online shop display a higher price than the one in our main system the lower price will be billed.

    All Promotions offered are subject to availability at the time of delivery and valid as long as stock lasts.

    Viewing Orders

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    Updating Account Information

    It is in the sole responsibility of the customer to keep his data like e-mail address, address data etc. updated.
    Early Bird sends out an order confirmation to the e-mail address provided