Figs Dried, ORGANIC, Sunny Fruit, 250g

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Figs Dried, ORGANIC, Sunny Fruit, 250g Organic Figs Is there any meaning for you when we say “Ficus carica”? For botanist, yes. What about “First clothes” for its leaves? For mythologist, yes. To call this oldest cultivated fruit as “One of our ^Sunny Fruit^: Fig” is the best. This gift from nature offered to us is not only a delicious snack, but also a character named in many stories dating back to the first humans actually. For us, it is our product processed over 20 years by women employees with motherly affection and we take pride in being leading producer country. If you wonder the question “Why I should consume?”, we’ll tell you. High intake of potassium can help in reducing blood pressure and high fibre diets reduce the risk of obesity and some cancers, helps better control of hunger. Correct guess! Dried figs are essential sources of potassium and fibre and besides with a low amount of fat. Don’t worry about containing high sugars because they are all natural and have a moderate ranking on glycemic index. Why don’t you become a “Fig-eater” as the famous philosopher; Plato? As “Sunny Fruit lovers” say, our figs are not only super indulgent, but also healthy yummy snacks. They are also great served with cheese and bread and a good ingredient for the muffins. These portion packs will be your favourite.
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