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Lactobact PREMIUM (Capsules), 60g, Germany Zoom

Lactobact PREMIUM (Capsules), 60g, Germany

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Lactobact PREMIUM probiotic for 8 years+ children, adults, made in Germany with micro encapsulation. 30 servings / 1 month.

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Product Description


Lactobact PREMIUM probiotic for 8 years+ children, adults, made in Germany with micro encapsulation. 30 servings.


Lactobact® PREMIUM contains 9 selected probiotic bacterial strains in a special and highly concentrated combination, in addition the essential trace element zinc.

Lactobact® PREMIUM helps to strengthen the body's defenses, zinc supports the immune system. It also supports a normal fatty acid  and carbohydrate metabolism.

The microencapsulation powder of Lactobact® PREMIUM combined with an additional cellulose capsule offers a double protection. The microencapsulation only opens with increasing pH values in the small intestine. The Lactobact® PREMIUM bacteria cultures survive the stomach and bile acids. 

Each dose contain 3 mg of zinc (30% of the recommended daily intake) and at least 2 billion (2 x 10^9) bacterial cultures of the strains:

1. Bifidobacterium bifidum B5480

2. Bifidobacterium breve B6018

3. Bifidobacterium lactis B5764

4. Bifidobacterium longum B6283

5. Lactobacillus casei B5773

6. Lactobacillus paracasei B5452

7. Lactobacillus plantarum B1096

8. Lactobacillus rhamnosus VES001

9. Streptococcus thermophilus B1488

Free from: yeast, milk, lactose, animal protein, gluten

Lactobact® uses a new, advanced and patented technology that achieves a 100x higher efficacy compared to conventional powder preparations.

Lactobact® Intelicaps® selected SHIME® one of the few gut models to demonstrate the efficacy of the protection capability of the new microencapsulation.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Unit 60g
Brand Lactobact


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