When we say it, we do it !!


Zero Waste

With the import of Natural Mineral Water in a Zero Waste concept we set new standards. Our brands Rosbacher, Elisabethen and LIZ come in reusable glass bottles stored in heavy duty plastic crates. We collect the empties back from our customers and return them to the manufacturer for reuse.

A glass bottle is in average 50 times, the storage crates 100 times reused. A worldwide novum and the best: Even having an additional transport back to the factory the reusable glass bottles have a much better carbon footprint than single use glass bottles not to mention single use plastic which both end up in landfills.

You find our Luxury Natural Mineral Water LIZ already on board of QE2 and in Al Maha Desert Resort.


Hygiene Paper / Other products

Our “Comfort” line of imported hygiene paper from WEPA is certified with the EU-Ecolabel.

This products are 100% out of recycled paper without compromising on the quality.

Where ever possible we prefer suppliers with products being ecofriendly.


No Plastic Bags

Since the beginning in 2006 we never delivered anything in plastic bags.

We use heavy duty trays to store small items during delivery. The trays are used for the next delivery. Each tray is in average used for 1200 deliveries.



Our regular delivery option where we serve each area in Dubai on specific days is unique in the market.

So is our Convenience Service where customers can order for specific days/time.

This allows us to bundle deliveries for one roundtrip instead of permanent driving between our warehouses and delivery points.


Packing Material

When receiving items in bulk and in containers packing material is unavoidable.

We do not throw that into the waste bin but separate i.e. plastic wrap and cardboard which gets collected and recycled.


Paper Usage

Where ever possible we avoid printing on paper. Our workflow allows to display all information for the different departments on monitors where the data for the next step gets entered without having a physical paper in hand. Our drivers have all customer information on their tablets and the only printing they do is the invoice for the customer as legally required.